Call It Quits! EP

by Central City Heroes

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Recorded at Jupiter Studios December 27, 2008 to December 31, 2008


released February 23, 2011

Guideon Berry: Vocals/Guitar
Anthony Willroth: Bass/Keys
Adam Lucz: Drums/Feedback
Nick Hill: Background Vocals
Rob Rosner: Studio Wizard

All songs written by Central City Heroes



all rights reserved


Central City Heroes St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: It's Okay
I used to think that there was more to life than sitting outside your door, 'cause you never said
You never told me not to worry about the world, or why this had to end
I saw your face through the car window
Left you face down in your pillow
I'll never change for you
'Cause I know that's what you want

You said that you'd tell me, but I never listen to your stories
You can't say that I'm just boring, or left you here without a warning
You pissed away your life to party, fucked him 'til he got boring
You laughed at me when I said, "I'm sorry," but we both know that I'm not sorry

It's Okay, don't apologize
'Cause in the end it'll be alright, it'll be just fine
It's okay, don't apologize
'Cause we both know that I don't love you anymore
Track Name: Call It Quits!
I can't relate to your mistakes
You're wrong if you think I'll end up just like you
I can't believe the words I hear
You can't understand that I understand what you're all about
You think I'm waiting for your approval
Well, don't you know

I sing of an ending where the hero dies tonight
I'm walking behind your back as we speak
I keep my ends unraveled, unkempt, and untied
Call It in, you'll never be free
You can't keep me from my bride
Let her go, let her tonight
I'll be watching you 'til the day you die

Call it in, call it out, my ears bleed with the sound of sirens
As you walk behind that door, I hear the deadbolt turn and seal
You can't understand that I understand what you're all about
You think I'm waiting for your approval
Well, don't you know
Track Name: Red Car
I've made the same mistakes too many times before
I've been done, played this game, I can tell you're getting bored
Don't let me drown, you're fading away
You're walking out the door, don't make me say

Please don't go, I'm not ready to face this on my own again
I can't stand being all alone
If you say all these words that I can't say
You'll never know what it's like to be alone

I never said this was the end, but you insist that we give up on letting go
You are such a pessimist
I never lied a single time, these words don't rhyme
And neither do our lives, but I can't give up and let this die

A single word to make this end
I'm letting go
Just give in